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The History of Cigar Smoking

The history of cigars is a long and an interesting one to know about. Being created for over thousands of years, they are no more found in their original form currently. The cigar is defined as a bundle of tobacco wounded tightly which can be ignited in order to draw in smoke into the mouth. This is actually how cigars have been for all these years. It is said that the ancient Mayans are behind the invention of these cigars who used to get these tobacco wrapped in their palms or in plantain leaves. It is found that a Mayan pot probably from the10th century depicting a Mayan man smoking cigars belonging to the prehistoric era. This very well demonstrates the familiarity of smoking cigars at that time and the Mayans being responsible for discovering the tobacco plant as well as inventing its ability serving the purpose of smoking.

The First Westerners to encounter cigar smoking

The first ever Westerners to come across tobacco as it is recorded in the history is Christopher Columbus along with his men. Columbus was introduced to the tobacco plant by the local Indians through the means of trade. One of the lieutenants of Columbus was greatly drawn towards primeval smoking of cigars, thereby smoking frequently especially on the prolonged journeys while returning home.

Even in Portugal and Spain, cigar smoking became fairly popular. Jean Nicot, Portugal’s French ambassador, was mainly responsible for making cigar smoking popular for his home country. Moreover, the word “nicotine” has been derived from the name of this great man. Eventually, the cigar smoking trend started to spread to Italy along with many other European countries. With this much popularity, the Spanish manufacturers started developing the trend of getting dried tobacco wrapped in specific papers as a replacement for leaves, thereby redefining the art of the smoking. Steadily cigars achieved its popularity as the companies started producing tobacco dedicated for commercial consumption.

Different Types of Cigars

There are quite a different types of cigars like Parejo, being the most commonly used and is supposed to be created and given a cigar shape by the ancient Mayans. Then Figurado came into popularity around 1800 but not that familiar in recent times, having an irregular shape and expensive for both manufacturing and purchasing purpose. Toscano, Presidente, and Torpedo are some of Figurado cigars. Little cigars were introduced after a long time. These have a resemblance to modern day cigarettes.

Currently, there are a variety of cigars available for satisfying your smoking needs. One can purchase different types of cigars as well as cigar accessories from enhancing one’s smoking experience to a great extent.

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