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Here’s What You Need To Know About Day Surgery Centers

Same day surgery is not something your doctor prescribes on a routine checkup. It is just an outpatient procedure where the surgery and recovery is overseen by professionals, but you get to go back home to recuperate. This is fairly common in minor procedures involving ophthalmology, urology, ear and throat procedures etc. which do not require constant medical monitoring during the recovery phase.

Same day surgery is usually planned in an ambulatory surgery center (ASC), and is no different from having one at the operating rooms in a hospital. The ASC is fully equipped with competent medical professionals and necessary equipment to carry out the necessary procedures efficiently without burning a hole through your pocket. The lowered cost is primarily because of the lack of unnecessary equipment and overnight facilities in the ASC.

It’s completely safe!

However, this does not mean that the quality of care is sub-standard in an ASC. A day surgery center is just as competent as an operation room. Since the ASC is used only for minor procedures, having equipment that won’t be used only takes up space and they become unnecessary clutter. These Day Surgery Centers are regularly inspected and certified by authoritative bodies, which ensures safety and reliability during each procedure.

Like regular surgical procedures, you will have to carry your medical history and lab tests to the Day Surgery Centers. Make sure to give your doctor a complete list of medication you are taking, including over the counter medication and treatments for any other ailments you might have. The physician will go through your documents, confirming the procedure that needs to be done before actually operating on you.

It’s Practical and convenient

Convenience is another factor that works in favor of ASCs. If you take the traditional route of having a procedure done in an operating room, you would have to arrive in the morning, wait until you are prepped, have the procedure done on you and wait overnight. This also requires your friends or family to drive to and from the hospital multiple times. You can cut through all this redundancy by checking into an ASC, where professionals operate on you within a few hours of your arrival, and you will be free to go that very day! Since minor surgery requires little to no medical supervision while recuperating, you can rest at the comfort of your home.

Being able to recuperate at home, in a familiar setting helps ease your anxiety, thus speeding up your healing process, even if only marginally. You can enjoy home cooked meals and lay in your own bed while your body heals. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with an expert like Medstar Healthcare – Day Surgery Center right away.

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