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Have you Explored the Exciting World of Drone Racing Yet?

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Do you want to enter the sports of drone racing? Great! Are you planning to buy a high-quality racing drone? Wait! The idea of getting into drone racing is great but don’t be hasty in spending your hard-earned (or hard-saved) money in buying an expensive racing drone. You first need to get a taste of the drone racing before jumping into the real thing. Drone racing is the only sport that you can practice without getting into the real field. And, you must leverage the benefit of being born in this technological era. Let’s have a look at the top reasons of practicing over simulator before buying an actual racing drone.

Free entry into the field –

The first and foremost benefit of starting with a simulator is that you can do it without spending a penny. Obviously, you need to have a computer or laptop with internet connection. But, you already own these things, don’t you? On the contrary, if you decide to go without a simulator you’ll need to spend a good amount before even getting started. Do you think it would be a smart decision to spend 500$ just to find out that you are a clumsy pilot or you enjoy being a spectator of drone races more than being a participant? Once you learn the basic skills using drone simulator and find drone racing interesting, you can go and buy your drone anytime. Using a drone simulator doesn’t require you to buy expensive flight goggles or controllers. You can use your gaming controller or the joystick to control the drone. And, your PC will show you the first person view so that you can get the real feel of piloting a drone.

Faster resetting

No drone pilot learns to pilot a drone without crashing it. When you are practicing with your real racing drone you’ll need a long downtime to reset your drone after each flight. Once your drone gets crashed you’ll need to go looking for the location and the repair your drone for any damages. A click is enough to reset your drone position when you use a drone simulator. This directly means you won’t need to halt your practice and training after each crash while using the simulator. No reset time means you’ll learn the skill much faster.

Longer practice session

When you use the drone simulator to practice piloting a drone you are not bound by the flight time as in the real drone. The flight-time of drones are restricted to some minutes. But, when you use drone simulator you can practice for hours. Longer practice session means you will learn the skills much faster. Once you get a good hold of the basic skills you can practice with your real racing drone. But, to grasp the skills more effectively you will need to practice as much as you can and that is possible only with simulators.

Availability of various racing tracks

You won’t get much-varied racing tracks to practice with your drone unless you participate in the real league and go from place to place for competing. This means you will only have your surroundings to practice piloting your drone if you use your real drone. On the other hand, you can get unlimited types of hurdles and racing tracks with drone simulators. Practicing over varied racing tracks and crossing different types of hurdles hones your advanced drone racing skills. So, even if you have a drone you should use simulators to learn new tactics of flying. You can experiment as much as you want without the fear of damaging your drone and spending bucks on its repair.

Compete against professional pilots

With a drone simulator, you can join the online league to compete against other drone pilots many of which are professional racers. You do not need to spend money on traveling to events to compete against other drone pilots before even getting confident about your skills. Moreover, the events are not held very frequently. By joining an online league you can grow your competitive skills by competing on daily basis. You can also make friends from all over the world and practice together. If you don’t know where to find drone pilots to befriend, visit this link Finding a local flying buddy to practice with your drone will not be an easy task. Even if you find one there’s no guarantee that the person would be a professional racer. But, you can easily find professionals online and learn some tips from them.

When are you installing your drone simulator?

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