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The Great Ocean Road Guide

There is a beautiful stretch in Australia known as the Great Ocean Road, which is perfect for taking a trip with your campervan hire. Whether you are trying to get from point A to point B and need to take this route, or you want to get to know more about this beautiful 249 miles stretch of Australian landscape and coastline.

The Main Highlights of the Great Ocean Road

Nearly everywhere you look on your drive, you will see the gorgeous scenery that Australia is well-known for.

  • The Twelve Apostles-You have most likely seen the Twelve Apostles in pictures, although there are only eight of them remaining. You can’t drive down the Great Ocean Road without stopping to see the Twelve Apostles, as it is truly an amazing sight and great for social media-worthy pictures. These former caves are truly fascinating at sunset.
  • Lorne-Lorne is a fantastic place to spend the night if you plan on visiting the nearby areas. It is also home to beautiful waterfalls and fabulous ocean views, so whether you just want to stop by for a quick visit to the picnic areas or Lorne pier or you want to stay over, it’s a place that you don’t want to miss while exploring the Great Ocean Road.
  • Great Otway National Park-While in Lorne, you will want to visit one of the Great Ocean Road’s most rewarding destinations. Whether you decide to hike through the forest, camp out in the park, or you explore the rocky coastline, the views and the experience are worth any effort you put into your walk. You can also see several gorgeous waterfalls on your adventure throughout one of Australia’s top national parks.
  • Loch Ard Gorge-I hope you have your camera fully ready to go for this trip. At Loch Ard Gorge, you will love the views of cliffs towering above the water and while this place is beautiful, it has a sad history of a shipwreck where all but two survivors, Tom and Eva, lost their lives.
  • Apollo Bay-If you want to enjoy the romance of a small village near the sea, this is the spot that you will want to make sure to visit while exploring the Great Ocean Road. It is a place where you can find delectable seafood dishes, incredible views of the ocean, and a romantic atmosphere. From visiting the spots where the rainforest meets the ocean to splashing about in the waves, it’s a great location to take a break from it all. Rest for a bit and enjoy all the beauty to be found in Apollo Bay.
  • Warrnambool-This is a destination worth visiting during the months of June to October, where you will be able to enjoy whale-watching. This area of Australia is a favorite destination for the Southern right whale. If you can’t make it during those months, there are plenty of water activities to enjoy in this popular Australian beach destination. From swimming to exploring shipwrecks, there is enough to keep you busy for as long as you want.

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