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What Freelance writers want to know about Contentmart

Contentmart is one of the few freelancing sites that concentrate purely on content. If you are a freelance copywriter or you just have a way with words, then this is the site where you need to exercise your skills for some good cash. Whether you are just starting out or already have an account on this site, there are some basic things that you need to know to be successful. Here is what you should know.

  1. Registering as a writer

This one is for the newbies. Joining this siteis as easy as creating a profile. The best thing about it is that it is absolutely free. There are options to register either as a writer or client. You will, naturally, take the former. After creating your profile, you can then take some English tests to show your skills. Taking the tests helps you in getting jobs later on. You can start bidding on jobs once you have completed your profile.

  1. Getting jobs

The hardest part of freelancing is always getting the first few jobs for any newbie. Getting jobs can take a bit of time since you are bidding on the same jobs with seasoned freelance writers.  However, do not give up. Once you are able to get your first few jobs and do them well, you are set on the path to a successful freelancing career.  You get jobs by bidding then the client gets to select the winner among the many bidding freelancers. One thing you can be assured of is that you will never lack jobs on this portal. It has created a name for itself out there for the good quality of work hence clients are always teaming and posting new jobs each minute. However, do not undercut the price just to get the job. This practice is highly discouraged.

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  1. Verification

Getting verified on this site is a significant milestone for any freelancer. Verification makes the client trust you more as they are assured of the quality of your work. Therefore, you are probably going to get more orders. To get verified, you should complete at least ten orders,have a positive rating of more than 4.2, not have a ban that lasts for more than 180 days, have completed more than 80{fe4f725b1f38b4aacd2beeed47499c5b78277adc9852c656a6df1e044992f187} of the orders that you take and write an essay based on a theme that is given to you. It goes without saying that your profile should be complete and you should have already taken and passed the English test.

  1. Payment

You can definitely expect to earn handsomely on this site. On average, a 500-word article fetches about 300INR-500INR or $5 -$12. You will notice that a lot of clients price for their offers in Indian Rupees. This is because the site was originally meant for freelancer writers in India but it has since opened its doors to international writers. Therefore, there is the option of being paid in dollars too.  Once you have successfully finished your first few orders and are verified, you can expect to keep earning well since it is much easier to win bids.

Contentmart is a great site for any freelance writer who is keen on monetizing their skill. The site pays well, and if you follow the guidelines laid out above, you will surely be laughing all the way to the bank.

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