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Employee Management – Attendance and More            

There are projects undertaken by a company which the manager and the team leaders know aren’t going to be profitable because of labor intensity but they may not be able to prove it. All these problems require a solution to be found on time, but the managers may not have so much time in hand to get to the root cause of each and every problem leaving more superior tasks left undone. Read More Here!

All a manager really needs is basic computer operating skill to get to the root cause of the problem as all the other work is done by the software.

Attendance and More            

Productivity improvement

Apart from cost estimation the productivity of the work force can also be improved using the information that has been recorded. The average time that is being consumed by an employee on an given task can be compared with the company average, if the average time taken by of an individual to complete a task is lesser than the company average they can be given due recognition and appreciation for being able to finish the task quickly. If the average time taken by the employee is greater than the company average it means that employee needs to pick up his speed in finishing the task, they can be given proper feedback to improve their productivity and also root cause of such low productivity can be known. If the employee is in need of an additional skill to perform the given tasks then they can give proper training in the skill set required.

It also helps an organization in comparing its average time taken to complete a task with the average time taken by the best companies in the industry to do the same task. This is called as benchmarking, when a company compares its data with the best ones in the industry to know where exactly it stands. If the gap between the two is huge then a company can take steps to nullify the gaps between them and the best ones in the industry. They can also set a standard to reach by comparing where they stand currently and where they have to reach. This can’t be done if they don’t have the necessary data to do the comparison between different aspects of one company with the best ones in the industry. Read More Here!

They are the best tool for time management, to get rid of mediocrity in the work force by reaching the maximum potential and giving their individual bests, scheduling the priorities, streamlining the work flow in the company and hence the overall employee productivity of the company increases along with the profits to the company.

Hence it can be said very aptly that all the problems that are related to the attendance of employees, recording of the data, processing of data in to meaningful information to be used by the managers and decision makers, constant decrease in the productivity of the work force, the root causes and solutions of all such problems can be found through the employee time tracking software.

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