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Do women give too much in love?

Many women complain that they give too much in love for several reasons. Their education, their emotional experience, their previous disappointments in love make them more vulnerable and more sensitive. Some are afraid of abandonment or indulge in martyrdom to prove their love to others. Result? These women have a hard time finding happiness in their relationship.

They have a sense of frustration, and sometimes their partner feels stifled in this kind of relationship. Many indulge too much in playing the role of the victim or misunderstanding; others say they have done everything to make it work, but feel unhappy because they think they are the only ones to invest themselves sincerely. Doing the utmost to carry your torque at arm’s length and adjust to your partner is not easy. Many of these women who want to give indiscriminately blame their spouse for the non-reciprocity of the situation, which becomes even more painful with the non-recognition and ingratitude on the part of the one who receives this excessive love.

Women too invested in love?

It is in the feminine nature that to invest oneself entirely in love; physically and emotionally and sometimes to give too much. Knowingly, the female sex does not function in the same way as the male sex. Studies on the brains of men and women seem to show that women have deeper feelings than men who have a more nuanced approach to dating.

Men tend to be more superficial in their relationships and disconnected from their feelings. Men also have more difficulty showing and expressing their love. As a result, women must compensate and are more able to express their love and act with respect, especially as they have a physiological awareness and understanding of feelings.

Women are better equipped to love

Psychically and emotionally…women are much more compassionate than men and more empathetic, so more able to love and give. The vast majority of women come to understand what it is like to be in the shoes of another person. Even if in truth, love is difficult to define and measure. This because of the subjective nature of the experience. Evidence suggests that men and women differ in their expressions of emotions and their descriptions of amorous thoughts. But in the end, gender is only a construction, and not everyone will systematically share experiences based on gender expectations.

Yes, many women give too much in love!

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In terms of love, there is ultimately no rule, but science has identified some interesting trends to take into account. It is very often women who lack affection and emotional security, which causes them to act with a certain excess in their engagement in love. However, giving too much in a relationship can become toxic for the relationship, as we may expect a fair return that our partner will certainly never be able to offer.

In a relationship, we must be able to live with our neuroses and anxieties individually in this relationship, without waiting for our partner to take this responsibility for us. We must also be able to understand that a relationship is shared by two and exists thanks to the common will of two people, with their qualities and their faults who want to live the same adventure.

The paradox of paradoxes, to stifle one’s partner by excessive emotional involvement, thinking that it will prevent him from leaving us, is an illusion that can only lead to, sooner or later, the destruction of this relationship that was sought so much at home.

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