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Diesel Exhaust Filter Specialist in Tacoma

Diesel engine has been long association with air pollution. Compared to other types of engine, diesel produces higher emission to contaminate the air. But diesel engine is also known for produce higher torque and for its durability. Those are the reasons why diesel engine is widely used by commercial vehicles. Trucks are most likely powered by diesel engine for performance and more efficient operation cost.

The diesel technology has been evolving with new technology to improve its efficiency and better emission. New advancement has been made by diesel vehicle manufacturers to meet much sticker gas emission regulation. Exhaust system has been a big focus to reduce gas emission. Modern diesel vehicles have advanced exhaust filter system combining particle filter, diesel exhaust fluid, and SCR catalyst. This advanced exhaust filter system is proven to reduce NOx gases and various harmfull particles ensuring much cleaner exhaust released to the air. However, this advanced filter system also creates maintenance issues for diesel truck owners. Such advanced system requires advanced knowledge and experience to handle. Only trained mechanics can handle the diesel exhaust filter cleaning, maintenance, and repair optimally. Without proper knowledge and training, trying to clean or to repair the exhaust system will only make it worse and it will cost even bigger amount of money.

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Truck owner or fleet company need to ensure that the diesel exhaust filter must be cleaned regularly. Failure to meet the maintenance requirement will strongly effect truck’s performance and will make the truck emission can’t meet the required standard. But of course, you can’t bring the truck to any auto workshop because not all can handle the complexity of modern diesel vehicle let alone the sophisticated diesel exhaust filter system. For best solution, choose only the best and most trusted one. Here in Tacoma and greater area, Alpha Fleet Service is the name you can always trust. This is a specialized repair facility for diesel truck and trailer. It has full expertise, full resources, and years of experience maintaining and repairing heavy duty diesel vehicles.

When it comes to diesel exhaust filter cleaning, Alpha Fleet Service is top notch. It has team of highly trained mechanics highly trained and familiar with advanced exhaust system of modern diesel vehicles. This team is supported with complete lines of diagnostic and repair tools and state of the art equipment to identify any problem and get it perfectly fixed. From replacing the filter, repairing any broken parts, to replacing certain part to the whole system replacement, they are highly capable. Alpha Fleet Service guarantees superior quality service and the most competitive pricing.


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