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Data Visualisation Basics

Data visualization as the term suggests, is a process or technique where you can visualise the data in different ways. You don’t have to be a technical expert to take up Data Visualization with Tableau workshop as it is more of a concept that a businessman would find more useful. So if you are someone who has to deal and manage a lot of data, taking up the data visualization course from Business Intelligence and Analytics Training Institute would prove to be highly beneficial.

Tableau can be defined as a tool that is used to visualize the data in different ways. No matter if you are a designer, a data analyst or simply an expert that has to work around understanding the data, this data visualization using the tableau will be very useful for you. Tableau comes with a variety of enhanced features that has eventually made it a very popular tool to visualize data. Right from making high level visualizations to harnessing the perpetual possessed by the brain that help in conveying the messages, there are a lot of advantages of the same

Business intelligence experts these days have it all sorted with they use different tools like tableau to analyse the data and do their decision making. Since there is no way through which you can reduce the amount of data that is generated as it is only going to increase with time, what makes sense is to use tools for managing it. The working style using tableau is really simple. As soon as the data is fed in, it would be made visible on the dashboard. Now since these dashboards are very interactive in nature, you can make a choice of how you want to see the data; i.e. in the form of a graph, pie charts, bullets, etc. Moreover, if you think that you need to visualize the data in a specific way then you can do the designing as well. Once you have ensured the sort of data representation you prefer, you also get the option of sharing it when using tableau.

Talking about the areas of applications, there is no possible field in the present da professional work where you don’t deal with data. The data size and type might vary but the data presence would be everywhere. Although the small sized data can still be managed using the excel sheets and other basic tools, the main area of emphasis where tableau comes in very handy is wherever big data is used. Tableau would ensure that you don’t just extract the data from various files, but index it, format it the way you want and then display and share it as per your requirements.

Although using tableau for data visualization is very easy, it is still advisable to groom yourself to a level where you understand the basics of SQL and learn using it as it proves to be very helpful. As it is no compulsion, you can start using the tableau and gradually brush up every feature that it offers.

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