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Cuisines to Try During Your Visit to Madrid

Many people from different regions of Spain have migrated to Madrid and hence you will find an amalgamation of cuisines of various regions of the country. Madrid is the capital of Spain and the largest municipality in both the Community of Madrid and Spain as a whole. People from different regions started migrating during the reign of King Felipe II. Therefore, the cuisine of Madrid is also known as cuisine of community of Madrid.

Let us talk about few of the typical dishes of Madrid that you can discover during your food tours Madrid.

  • Cocido madrileno

This is a typical stew made with vegetables and beef and usually served during Tuesday. The main ingredients are beef, chickpeas, vegetables and sausages and while serving this dish there are three courses. During first course it is served as soup, in second course it consists of beans and vegetables and in third course it contains beef and sausage.

  • Callos a la madrilena

An Asturian dish which has been modified with local taste and the ingredients are mainly blood sausage, chorizo, snout and hoof of cow, tripe of calf or lamb and sweet paparika.

  • Oreja a la plancha

This common pork dish exists in number of forms with spicy sauce, with garlic and in the Basque style.

  • Gallinejas

It is one of the popular dish of Madrid and consists of fried sheep entrails.

  • Setas al ajillo and Gambas al ajillo

The ingredients are mushroom with garlic and prawns with garlic which is served hot during mid-day meal.

  • Bocadillo de calamares

It is a fried squid ring that you can get almost every bar of Madrid.

  • Patatas bravas

This is one of the most common dish where potatoes with irregularly cutting are fried and covered with tomato sauce.

  • Soldaditos de Pavia

Unsalted bacalao strips are fried and battered.

In addition to all above, there are few other items like Carne al desarreglo, Besugo a la madrilena, huevos estrellados and Carne al desarreglo are also quite well known in Madrid.

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