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Create A Website Redesign Workflow

Website Redesign Workflow

When would be the best time to do a complete redesign and redevelopment of your website?

Decide what to do with your website

The scenario behind this is you have an old website that you may have to do something about it.

Does your website have the conversion rate it should have? You would never know the exact answer to this, except if you can compare or benchmark with your competitors’ website conversion rates.

Another way is to make changes to your website on places or steps where they actually would have any impact to your users’ conversions. But how would you know what elements to change?

Responsive web design

Ask this question: Does your site display well on devices and screens of all sizes? In simple words, most websites have no problem displaying correctly on desktop computers. But when users open the web pages on a mobile phone, the browser is much smaller. That’s when responsive web design is most needed.

A website that is built on responsive web design simply means it would display well on all devices or platforms i.e. desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile phones.

Responsive web design when done right would also help your website do better on search engines such as Google. Google sees website user experience as an important factor to rank web pages on the search results pages. Refer to mobile SEO best practices for more information on what should be checked and implemented on your site.

Ask your customers

Spend at least several weeks running customer surveys. First create a survey with 15-20 critical questions about all the aspects of your site that you are most concerned with.

Select 200 people from your existing customer database and send them the survey.

Get your customer service team and staffs to touch base with these customers, and remind them about the survey.

Collect the completed survey answers and evaluate. At this stage you should see many different opinions about the look and the use of your site.

There are a few items that you would need. Here they are:

Based on the results of the customer survey you have received, make a list of all the problems of the website that should be fixed or improved. The items in the list must be rated and marked with priority or importance.

Work out the ROI increase that would be associated with the redesign of the website.

With the ROI in mind, now work out a budget (such as $7,000) that should be invested into the project.

Write out a thorough redesign brief for the website development team, whether you’re going to be using an in-house development team or an outsourced one.

Work out a project schedule or timeline that will include all the steps and items for the website redesign.

Make sure you would implement the analytics tracking for your new website. This is an important step, as this is part of the data that will be used to evaluate the performance of the new website.

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