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What are the Characteristics and functions of commercial glass door refrigerators?

In a small kitchen with an area of ​​up to 8 m2, a wide and bulky refrigerator can be a significant obstacle to movement. For the smallest premises, manufacturers have provided small bar refrigerators with glass doors, the dimensions of which are identical to the dimensions of a conventional washing machine. Almost all models of such units are equipped with No Frost technology. This function prevents ice from freezing on the walls and preserves the freshness of food for a long time.One of its main advantages is that the hostess does not need to systematically defrost the refrigerator, as this happens automatically.

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Refrigerator with a transparent door can be made in any design

Refrigerators with glass doors for the house have the same dimensions as conventional ones. They can also have 2-3 cameras. Side by Side system means that the device swings open like a furniture cabinet. This decision was made for more comfortable use.

To prevent warm air from getting inside the unit, the developers added a Cold Saver air curtain. When the door is torn off, it blocks the outflow of air from the chamber. Do you have meat business? In that case, you will need two types of commercial product. One is to have commercial cold storage room, and another is commercial food showcased refrigerator.

Often refrigerators with a transparent door make double-wing

  • For the discharge of cold air is used inverter compressor. Its advantages:
  • Fast installation of optimum temperature for food storage;
  • Lack of cyclic shutdown of the compressor when the critical temperature is reached;
  • Noise intensity does not rise above 35 dB, which indicates a quiet operation of the unit.

The power consumption of technology is divided into classes – A +, A ++, A +++. A greater number of “plus” signs after the letter “A” indicates a greater saving of electricity. Separate refrigerator models can save up to 50{60f14acd72863e92ac00b8601b61186430d562847aaa6d70dc8dea9cd005be7d} of electricity. In addition, the number of door openings, due to the transparent front wall, is significantly reduced, which also affects energy consumption.

Small fridges for drinks with a glass door

Refrigerators with a minibar compartment beautifully complement the kitchen. Such equipment consists of 3 chambers – freezing, refrigerating and office for drinks. The glass door can be built in according to the Door-in-Door type. This means that when you open the mini-bar, only it will lose the cold. The remaining doors remain closed. On such shelves it is much easier to maintain order, since they will be less often used than the compartments for products. With this design, the door is less likely to be contaminated. However, in order for cleanliness to be perfect, and stains do not spoil the appearance, it is better to wipe it every day.

Small transparent refrigerator can be used at home, in a cafe or shop

A small bar fridge with a glass door will be an original addition to the interior of the kitchen or commercial establishment. A transparent door in a metal frame will accentuate an elegant interior, perfectly complement the high-tech or loft style, and customers will be able to quickly familiarize themselves with the range of products. The compact model will easily fit into a bar counter and will suit owners who cannot place a large refrigerator at home. A small refrigerator with a glass door can be put in the kitchen as an addition to a two-chamber device. The cost of such a combination will be lower than the price of one refrigerator for three cameras with the Door-in-Door function.

Caring for the glass surfaces of the refrigerator

If you consider the use of a refrigerator with a glass door for an outlet, its function is clear. However, in the house it is part of the interior. Clear and smooth glass quickly gets dirty. For the hostess who loves to cook and gets a lot of products, barely fit on the shelves, this design will not work. Not everyone will be able to wipe the surface daily and remove stains and condensation. Despite the fact that the glass is quite strong and tempered, improper care can significantly spoil the appearance of household appliances.



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