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China’s Real Estate Investments in the US

The real estate industry generally attracts investors through owning a property and generating an income from rent or other resources available. There are different types of real estate available in the market such as residential, commercial and industrial. These can be further broken down into homes, malls, and warehouses among others. The industry is an investment because of the intention to acquire income through rent or sale.

As a matter of fact, investing in the real estate industry provides a number of profit opportunities for the owner and long term income is expected when there is property appreciation. It is considered a good investment due to positive returns while maximizing circumstances such as inflation and tax benefits. However, strategies are still needed to be implemented to promote profit in this industry.

China has ventured into the real estate industry and has been ranked as the top foreign investor in the US. The records were high at an amount of almost $20 billion with a ten percent increase from the previous year. China’s move to own more properties and minimize effects of currency in the country has remarked a positive feedback from the US. The real estate investments have brought massive amounts of deals and transactions for the US. These commercial real estate developments include those from insurance companies. Most of the investments reside in New York City and others are in San Francisco and Manhattan. Hotels and offices are still China’s preferred assets alongside with industrial properties.

Most of the transactions are done overseas and there are factors that called for acquiring properties in a foreign land. Chinese properties have been competitive and it attracted to purchasing in the US. Furthermore, China has been more open to foreign investing since technology has been known to them. Chinese business owners are now able to facilitate and manage their transactions online and away from the actual property. Aside from commercial real estate purchases, the Chinese have been open to acquiring residential areas with plans of having second homes or considered are income generating as rental units.

Additionally, More Chinese citizens are interested in investing in the US for properties like vacation homes. These locals have considered moving to the foreign country for better living conditions. China has seen potential in investing in the US real estate whether for business purposes or personal reasons. These add up to the fact that China has contributed the largest numbers in the real estate sales in the US.

Decades ago, Americans were the ones present and doing business in China. It was unfortunate, however, that there were foreign civilians that were affected during the Rape of Nanking that happened during the Sino-Japanese War. Certain actions were taken to retain peace between China and the US since the violent incident. From there, the two nations have been civil in all their relations including trade. China and the US have been the most powerful nations all over the world and it accounts to all the progress that was done in history.

The real estate projects in the US are nowhere done in expanding and it is forecasted that the trend of having foreign such as Chinese investors are only beginning. This secures the economy of the US and provides income returns as well for China. Some factors that are needed to be secured are government rules between the two. There are certain restrictions that face investments but these do not necessarily slow down the interaction, it would only promote better transactions. These are important considerations most especially when typical investments are viewed as long term and it outnumbers the temporary ones.

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