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Carnival of Caribbeans – Festivals and celebrations

Every people in this world are addicted to celebration. It may be the events, grand festivals, birthday parties the celebrations will be unique with different styles and also, they may be celebrated in traditional way. Why the celebrations are necessary for all the festivals? The celebrations will give you more positivity and it helps you to stay cool in working environment.

Let us explore the most interesting festivals celebration of Caribbeans and they are named as one of the most world-famous festivals that unite the people with an explosion of food, music, dance and dresses. The Caribbeans dress is quite different at the time of celebrations and we can easily identify the carnivals by the way of their celebrations.

Do you know? Every year the Caribbeans Island host hundreds of celebrations for carnivals, festivals with more number of holidays.  In India they mostly celebrate the festival with crackers and they buy wholesale fireworks online with new dresses and sweets. But in Caribbeans it’s completely different and if you are the traveller visit Caribbeans once and explore the different varieties of celebrations with different peoples. Am sure that you will be addicted to those dance and music of the Caribbeans people and the way of dressings too.

You can watch those dance at the time of celebrations over victory in cricket match and especially in T20 format. The Caribbean players (Gayle, Samuels, Bravo and more) will start dance and they will give visual treat for the visitors. Also, they recently released the album song and it was a huge hit among people. So there was no doubt about the celebrations and once the Christmas season has arrived over there it’s time to dig out your dancing shoes and the people will start thinking about the carnival celebration at Caribbeans.

Trinidad and Tobago Carnival

The Trinidad and Tobago carnival are one of the most famous well-known festival of Caribbean Islands. It was originated in 18th century. They are celebrated from 1838 on occasion of abolishment of slavery. We can see the peoples from different country and they celebrated the festival in grand manner with complete energy. They will give visual treat for your eyes with colorful lights, bright colors over the street, Calypso and Soca music and the perfect dance of carnival. The peoples will dress up as devils, demons, monsters and imps. They bring out the signature carnivals bands with parade and each band and float reveals the annual theme with its own historical, mythological concepts.


The Junkanoo is also the most interesting festival of Caribbeans and they begin to celebrate in early December around 26th.  They will celebrate very grandly at capital of Nassau, one of largest festival cities of Caribbeans. This festival is originated at the time of slavery when slaves are allowed to leave the plantations at the time of Christmas to spend time with their families and to explore their cultural traditions. The dance and music are the most special one in this carnival.

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