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Best Mobile Games of 2018 so far

If you wish to explore some of the best mobile games of the year 2018 and have not done yet, then you are at the right place. This article will tell you all about the games that you must dig your hands into for an unlimited fun. So, spend your free time on these games and treat yourself with the maximum entertainment that will neither disappoint you nor make you regret your decision. Since these are the mobile games, these will be always available to you anywhere and at any point of the day. So do not wait and simply gear up for going through some of the best entertainment ideas.

Every game will leave you amazed as you explore each one of its trailers here before actually starting to play. So here you go with the list-:

  1. Rummy

This one being the most exciting as well as rewarding, grips you to it for the longest time possible. So, apart from the entertainment it offers, this one also rewards the winner with some cash prize when played online. This rummy online cash game may help you earn some bonus after completion of each game. There are two types of rummy variations and each has their own set rules in accordance with which the game goes forward. The rummy variations are-:

  1. Points Rummy and
  2. Pool Rummy

The game is easy to play and if you have never played it even manually, it is really easy to find the instructions for playing on the site and get going with lots of earnings.

So, what are you waiting for? Just dive into the journey of excitement and cash rewards for getting the best out of your free time.

  1. The Room: Old Sins

This is one game which is a mix of adventure, excitement, entertainment, mystery and everything that these bring along with them to up the fun factor and mar the boredom. This game offers the non-stoppable set of exciting anticipations which each phase brings as you move forward. This game is based on the story of a highly ambitious engineer and his wife who are mysteriously missing from their home. You being the main lead in trying to find out what really happened to them, got to explore their house. As the game moves forward, there is a peculiar doll house which you find and it contains puzzle boxes that you need to solve one after one to actually unveil the mystery and win the game.

  1. Dissembler

This game may seem like the traditional tile swapping game that we all have been playing since ages. But as you move forward, you come to explore the real enthralling picture behind it. This one offers you not only entertainment but something that binds you to a familiar game with a twist. It starts all nice and subtle but takes you to the more complex part of solving the aberrant puzzles gradually. Explore this one to get onto something familiar yet twisted with its thrilling and complex revelations.

  1. Reigns: Her Majesty

This one is a royal inclusion in the world of enthralling games and brings you much more than just the exciting and gripping time. It brings to you a royal feel while you go on playing. In this game, Church, People, Army and The Royal Wealth are the four aspects that get affected by your decisions as you play the monarch of the land.

There is a lot of thrill and new stuff to discover in this one which make it different from its prequel and allow you a time filled with maximum entertainment as you go along.

  1. Causality

This is a very unique and enticing game which is all about one great factor, i.e, “TIME”.

It takes you on a journey of time manipulation to reach your goals and accomplish it all.  This game allows you to control time, make adjustments to the level and alter the sequence for helping your stranded astronauts to reach their goals finally. This one is a distinguished as well as brainstorming game which makes you go through a lot of decision making in terms of taking the astronauts to their color-coded exit within the allotted time limit. Explore this highly challenging game with many mind-boggling puzzles to unlock and much more fun with every accomplishment.

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