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Attributes Of A Magnetic Driveway Vehicle Sensor

Vehicle driveway sensors are using a magnetic driveway probe for detecting the moving metal. This probe or driver sensor can be buried alongside the driveway, or you can place it next to the driveway. With a magnetic driveway vehicle sensor, you are never going to detect people, animals, and more, and you will only get an alert when there is a large metal object, like when a car passes or moves by the sensor.

This sensor is only going to detect moving metal vehicles through magnetic detection. If you want to avoid detecting people and animals, it is the kind of detector that you should use. This driveway alarm system is far from having a false alarm when installed in the area where there is no other metal moving or when there is no traffic. The probe can be placed near any stationary metal like gates, fences, or even parked vehicles. It will only trigger an alarm or alert when a car or any large metal object moves. Magnetic vehicle driveway sensor will be detecting vehicles only. The sensor lies on one side of the driveway with a wire that goes to a transmitter box. There will be a wireless signal sent to the inside driveway announcer.

If your primary reason for installing magnetic driveway vehicle sensor is to get an alert every time a vehicle is driving into your property over the driveway, these alarm systems can be your best choice. Unlike the wireless driveway alarms that only triggers an alarm when animals or people pass by, this one only triggers when they sense large metal objects like trucks, cars, or railway vehicle. They have several features that make them very useful in applications, such as security, access control, and traffic pattern analysis.

High sensitivity

Magnetic driveway vehicle sensor operates by recognizing the changes to the magnetic field of the Earth. The best sensor is able to recognize even the changes in one minute. This sensitivity enables them to be reliable even when there is a long distance between the item being sensed and the sensor.

Easy installation

The sensor wire and probe have generally buried the distance to the transmitter box. When buried, the sensor or detector will not be visible at the entrance of the driveway. This system will take more effort to install and it will only detect moving metal. It certainly will not detect animals and people.

No false alarm

As noted, this sensor only senses large metal objects, which virtually eliminates the false alarm that is triggered by household pets, people, and wildlife. You are only going to register trucks, cars, and other vehicles.


Among all driveway sensors, the magnetic driveway vehicle sensor is the most reliable. They are not affected by weather conditions or by the wireless signal interference.

Wide range

Depending on the model that you have chosen, this sensor is able to detect vehicles within a range of as much as a thousand feet.

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