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Assam Government Departments and vacancies

Assam is an Indian state with inhabitants of Assamese. Guwahati is the capital of Assam and as other states it prevails in education and employment.

In this state, free education is offered till secondary level and it is compulsory for children from 6-12 years. There are many Government Universities and Colleges located in the larger cities such as Tezpur, Jorhat, Guwahati, Silchar. The state comprises specialized colleges for Science, Commerce, Arts, Law and Medicine.

The Assam Government recently announced a “Draft Population Policy” which suggested that people who have more than two children will not be eligible for Assam Govt Job. Added to that, it informed about the free education for all girls till Graduation level. Assam Health Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma registered at a press conference that no people is offered with Assam Govt Job if they have more than two children.

Persons who are meeting with this condition will have to maintain the same until the end of his service, he added. This draft population policy norm will be applicable to employment generation schemes such as offering homes, giving tractors and other government benefits.

Himanta Biswa Sarma who is also the Education minister in Assam said that the policy also targets to give free education to all girl children up to University level. The Assam government has made free facilities including transportation, mess, fees etc. These steps would likely to seize the school dropout, he added.

The Assam Government introduced a law that it is quite mandatory for the government employee to look after their parents or else they will face deduction from their income and the same will be contributed towards “Parents Welfare”.

In the North-East Region of India, Assam is the most populated state. Over 31,00,000 people have been living here. The literacy percentage of Assam is above 73{d10cb8a3b2b1693aa77b91228da3b99d685d8b7a6e79521ff44c38a7b1ab5005}. But unavailable vacancies, most of the educated students remain unemployed. So, numbers of the educated unemployed candidates are growing day-by-day. So, getting Assam Govt Job is a hard task. However, monitoring the best resources in Assam, one can prepare for Assam Govt Job.

Assam is well-known for tea production. It is the largest tea producing state in India. Tea plantation is the primary source of employment.

Crude oil is standing in the next production. 15{d10cb8a3b2b1693aa77b91228da3b99d685d8b7a6e79521ff44c38a7b1ab5005} crude outputs are obtained from Assam. Here ONGC recruits many eligible candidates for their various branches.

Assam silk is a world famous one. Many people are living with the income through the silk production. Working in the silk production industry, people are earning good amount of money.

Manas National Park & Kaziranga National Park are the world heritage sites of Assam. Lakhs of foreign tourist fly to Assam to see unique animal such one-horned rhinoceros. The home of the largest population of wild water buffalo is Kaziranga National Park and here Assam Forest Department recruits many people every year.

State Education Ministry, Medical Department of Assam, Brahmaputra Cracker & Polymer Limited, Assam Public Service Commission, Assam Police-Recruitment, Tezpur Municipal Corporation, Lower Judiciary and Legislative Assembly are the Assam state government departments and they recruit eligible candidates to fill the vacancies from time to time.

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