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Are you using the right insect killer in your home?

insect killer in your home

Don’t let insects get the better of you – stop them in their tracks with Mortein insect killer spray.

Insects and pests are the bane of every household. You try your level best to keep the house clean, you think of novel ways to drive them out of the house…they disappear briefly, only to show up again. Many of them spread germs and diseases, while others suck blood on contact with humans and pets. Overall, it is worrisome to have insects flourishing inside your home – they have the potential to make you and your loved ones really ill.

Why insects should not be allowed in the house

Insects bring disease-causing germs and microbes inside your house. By walking on different surfaces and even on exposed food, insects like roaches, flies and ants can transfer germs from one spot to another and cause illness. Cockroaches and flies, particularly, can cause a lot of illnesses (both major and minor) since they thrive on waste and garbage as much as on fresh food and beverages. Also, they build nests and start procreating in the house, thereby creating many more creatures of their own kind.

Which kind of insects are in your house?

Most common types of insects found in the house include ants, spiders, flies, cockroaches, bed bugs, etc. Larger pests include rats and lizards. The more nourishment and water that these insects can find inside the house, the more likely they are to stick on and make a permanent residence in your house.

Identify the type of insect in your house before you pick the right insect killer to get rid of it. Rats require a more intensive form of pest control, such as rat bait.

Which is the right kind of insect killer to use?

  • Most insect killers available in the market – whether in spray, powder or bait form – only do half the job. They might repel the insects for a while, before the latter return in larger numbers.
  • It does not help that most insects get used to the insect killers’ scent and composition, and can withstand the product for a longer time. Cockroaches, especially, become really difficult to kill because they can tolerate most insect killers.
  • You should get Mortein insect killer spray. It works on most insects, from flies to mosquitoes. Just one blast is enough to stop the insect in its tracks. Soon, the insect is immobilised, and it dies out.
  • You can spray the Mortein insect killer directly on the insect colony or nest, and come back later to sweep up the carcasses. Sustained use of the spray, either directly on the insects or on their hiding places, will rid your house of the insect menace permanently.

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