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Are You Too Careless with Your Financial Info?

How good of a job do you do when it comes to protecting your all-important financial information?

While you may think you are doing a pretty good job, could you in fact do better?

Too many consumers leave doors open for thieves to break into their world. If the criminal or criminals are successful, the repercussions can be quite damaging.

With that being the case, are you too careless with your financial info?

Is Identity Theft Lurking Around the Corner?

One way your financial information can fall prey is via identity theft.

If you are not all that familiar with I.D. theft, it can put you years’ behind the eight ball if the criminal is successful. He or she taps into your financial world and goes on a spending spree before you know what hit you.

To lower odds of something like this occurring; research I.D. theft protection brands.

Your best bet is to go online and determine which provider best suits your needs.

You can start with an Identity theft protection review of a handful of providers. Compare and contrast them to see which one is the clear leader.

Among the things to look at in making sure your identity is safe with a provider:

  • Services – What kind of services does each provider have to offer? You want 24/7 protection so that no criminal can slip in when least expected and penetrate your finances.
  • History – Does the provider have a history of doing what it says it will for customers? A good track record shows that consumers have trusted this provider over the years.
  • Response – In the event someone steals your identity, you want a provider who will work with you fast. Remember, time is of the essence when a thief is in touch with your financial world.

You Have Work to Do Too

Even with a solid identity theft provider, make sure you are not careless with financial info.

How good of a job do you do in destroying credit card receipts, bank slips and other pertinent info when done with? Unfortunately, some consumers are rather hap-hazard in getting rid of such materials. As a result, they can leave themselves open to trouble.

Once you no longer need such receipts for your records, dispose of them.

It is also important that you not slip up when online.

For instance, do not give out your username/password to any sites you need to log into. Unless you’re talking about your spouse/partner or someone else you trust, keep it to yourself.

Last, when going online, be careful what computers you use.

An example of this would be when traveling for business or pleasure and staying in a hotel.

If you use a computer in the lobby or hotel business area, can you be 100 percent sure it is secure? Chances are the answer to that question is no. As such, never do online banking or other financial acts unless at home or on your phone that is secure.

In trying not to be careless with your financial info, how good of a job are you doing?

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