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Are you aware of your rights as a high risk worker?

The Bureau of Labor has earmarked four major industries where a huge incidence of high-risk jobs with a disproportionately low salary is prevalent. The transportation, manufacturing, construction and farming industries are accountable for most of the state’s worker fatalities and illnesses.

How does the system compensate the victim of injury?

There is a robust system that provides some benefits and relief to the eligible workers who have suffered work-related injuries or even fatalities.  The system also affords the benefits to the surviving dependents of the worker once the claim is established. Worker compensation laws are very stringently followed in Georgia.

The flip side being that this is the category of high risk workers who are often contractual labor and do not feature in the payroll of the employer.  This may mean the loss of benefits accruing to them in the case of an injury. It is then the discretion of the employer that the pays the worker compensation as per the dues.

The need for legal counsel in the compensation disbursal

The worker benefit system needs no proof from the injured worker’s side to prove that the employer is at fault. The Georgia workers’ compensation system helps with the disbursal of medical benefits, vocational rehabilitation benefits and lost wage benefits to the afflicted worker or his dependents, as applicable.

The problem arises if the compensation is not commiserating with the extent of the injuries or there has been gross negligence on the part of the employer. It could be a failure to provide basic safety requirements or dysfunctional machinery that is the cause for litigation. It is here that the little educated blue collar worker needs the assistance of a reputed law firm like the Hasner law PC.

Can these high-risk workers be bettered?

The compensation provided by the system can be a lifesaver for an injured worker who does not have adequate savings to keep the home fires burning. For him, even the medical bills may be a burden. But, it is nearly not enough to keep him comfortable. The compensation is by no means equivalent to normal wages and the rent alone can eat away the benefit. It is important that these workers are given a way to improve their standing and options are available for better opportunities.

The need of the hour is to provide better training and education that prepare the worker to gain employment in other low-risk professions. It has been seen that the technology sector provides such low risk and high return employment. The use of technology to make the immediate profession safer is also a noble option.

If you have met with an injury at work, or feel that you have not been adequately compensated in time, then it makes good sense to get in touch with a reliable and experienced lawyer, or agency, and get a fair idea about what to expect. Soon, you will find yourself from ear to ear.

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