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Amazon Web Services (AWS) and You

Amazon Web Services

You might know as a huge online bookstore, or you might know it as a good place to buy those odds and ends that just aren’t available locally. You might even appreciate free shipping with Amazon Prime. But, if you are the average user, you might not be aware that Amazon offers far more than these common services. The collective term for their many and varied offerings is referred to as AWS, or Amazon Web Services.

AWS is a secure cloud server that provides a variety of services, both for businesses and for individuals. Too many pictures on your Amazon Kindle Fire reader to download your newest book? No problem – just upload those pictures to Amazon. Need backup for your text documents and spreadsheets? For a modest fee, you can have terabytes of storage for your stuff. Want to track what you are spending on your automobile? Yes, Amazon can do that, too, just create an Amazon garage.

There is more! Amazon Web Services also provides platforms for web developers – in any language, including any IT language. You can create games, set up business utilities, connect with business associates, keep track of your data, and – this is the exceptionally cool part – work with people all over the world through a decentralized, secure cloud platform.

If you’ve looked at the list of capabilities shown on the Amazon Web Services webpage and felt more than a little overwhelmed, you need to team up with an AWS consulting specialist who is licensed, certified and ready to help you with your concept. No matter how crazy or bold your idea might be, or how ordinary and low-key, these specialists can help you set up your AWS platform to allow you to create, promote, share or provide the services that you do best.

AWS consulting specialists can fill in the areas with which you are not familiar and help set up processes that will save you time. Time might not always be money, but there is a finite amount of it, and it never seems to be enough to go around. Amazon Web Services is designed to be a pay-as-you-go, flexible, affordable solution for your business operations. Whether you are selling heirloom seeds and plant stock, providing stock photos for web designers, or heading into some cyber application that will be new and wonderful, they got your back.

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