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6 Types of Residential Roofing Shingles Available Right Now

When we are building a home we have to think about the roof. Protecting the roof is a big thing as it provides a shed for the whole house. In many houses, Residential Roofing Roofing Shingle Dearborn Michigan is used for this purpose. You can easily contact a roofer to discuss the kind of shingles that you will like to install in your house. They can help you out in choosing the best one and tell you about the potential budget as well. Before that, you as a consumer can definitely read a little about these shingles. On the internet, you will find a tonne of products. Let us know about a few of them.

Common types of roofing shingles:

The internet is your friend when you want to search for some topics. You can type in ‘residential roofing shingle Dearborn mi’ and you will get plenty of search results. Here are some of the best-known shingles available in the market:

  • Asphalt Shingles: These are one of the most commonly used shingles for residential purposes. They are easy to install.
  • Slate Shingles: These were quite popular back in the day because of their longevity. But currently, they are used by people who can afford expensive roofing.
  • Tile Shingles: These can be quite expensive as well and they do last for a long time. They come in an array of designs to choose from. It is also available in metals like copper.
  • Wood Shingles: These are also common shingles that were seen in the older days. Houses remain cooler and fresher when these shingles are used.
  • Clay Shingles: These shingles are durable and come in fun colours. People often choose the terracotta colour as it goes well with most houses.
  • Metal Shingles: Metal shingles are also available these days. They often look like the traditional shingles but they do last for a long time.

So, here are some types of roof shingles that one can use in their houses. They have to regard the weather condition and the location before installing any shingle. So, it is best to consult a professional roofer to get help for the job.

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