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5 Simple Tips for Making Your Videos More Professional

Are you look to create a professional video that impresses? Well, it’s a lot easier than you think. Did you know achieving a professional look is more about your technique rather than the tools and equipment you use? It’s not necessary to drop thousands and thousands of dollars on expensive equipment. There’s a great chance that you can make polished, professional videos like professional videographers with what you have right now.

Here are the 5 simple tips for making your video more professional:

  1. Plan Your Video Shoots

Planning your video is very important because a lack of planning can make a video look unprofessional. Taking the time to plan your video will ensure that the quality of your content is just as good as the quality of your footage.

Start by defining the purpose of your video. Then, ask yourself what you’re looking to achieve or communicate by making this video. In addition, you should also describe your target audience because it’ll help you make your video speak to these viewers.

When you’ve defined the purpose of your video, you can begin to write a script and a story board. Then, you should make changes until they’re as good as you can make them. You’ll need to figure out what you want to delete, rewrite, or rearrange so you can keep your videos as tight as possible.

  1. Avoid Bad Lighting & Avoid Shaky Shots

If you’re looking to achieve professional-looking videos, you’ll need to avoid bad lighting and shaky shots. Before you begin to shoot, you should find out what type of lights you need and where you’ll place them, so you can achieve the effect that you’re looking for. When it comes to shooting your footage, don’t make your shots look shaky because it’ll end up looking like home videos. You should keep your camera on a tripod or try not to move your camera unless it’s necessary. In addition, you should also keep your speed consistent and don’t make sudden stops.

  1. Use a Clean Background & Shoot from a Variety of Angles

It’s important to film in a clean background rather than a messy or distracting background. You should use a solid-coloured background or film in a professional environment. You’ll need to be careful about filming around windows or reflective surfaces. If you’re shooting a how-to video or a product demo, shooting from a variety of angles is a good idea because it adds visual interest to your professional video.

  1. Prioritize Clear Audio

Did you know your audio quality is more important than your video quality? Audio matters so you should invest in a good microphone. Most people are okay with watching a video that’s not shot in HD as long as everything else is good like audio quality. Having fuzzy or inaudible audio will more than likely have people stop watching within a couple of seconds of starting to play a video. When it comes to editing your video, you’ll need to be aware of background noises that your microphone picked up.

  1. Keep Your Editing Simple

One of the most important tips for making your videos more professional is keeping your editing simple. You can try out different effects, but don’t go too crazy during the video editing process. At editing stage, you should be adjusting the lighting, cutting out awkward pauses, cleaning up any background noise, and adding background music and transitions.

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