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11 Tips How To Keep Your Car’s Interior Pristine

Most car owners spend lots of time cleaning their vehicle’s exterior. More often than not, the obligation to keep one’s interior polished is often overlooked.

Keep in mind that as your car is a day-to-day companion and you spend a huge amount of time inside it, its interior will inevitably lose that brand-new look it once got. But did you know that even though your automobile is already utilizing some used Mercedes interior parts, you can still maintain its pristine condition? Here’s how

Always declutter at the end of the day

One of the most essential duties you will ever do as a car owner is to clean your car as you go. Always declutter and don’t let your prized vehicle serve as a huge cabinet for some used shirt or a pair of socks.

Use a trash bin

Candy wraps, toll receipts, tissues are just some of trashes you can see inside a car. Using a trash bin can make a huge difference if you want to prevent these junks from making your car’s interior look messy.

Wipe down with appropriate cleaning agents

Keeping your interior clean entails a considerable amount of diligent cleaning. Depending on how frequent you use your car, you need to wipe its interior down with the right cleaning materials and agents. You can check with your car dealer for recommended cleaning products.

Clean and get into the tiny crevices and nooks

Your car’s interior is a tricky place to clean with the presence of parts like the trim, floor mats, dashboard, cup holder, and audio player surface among others. When cleaning, don’t ignore even the tiniest nooks and crevices — these are where the dust usually lingers.

Use soft cleaning brush for panel seams and air vents

Make use of a soft cleaning brush to remove dirt and dust from air vents and panel seams. Remember to always be gentle when maintaining these parts of your interior.

Vacuum your car weekly

To make your car interior look brand-new (even with the presence of used Mercedes interior parts), make it a habit to vacuum it on weekly basis — especially if the vehicle is used every day.

Get the interior shampooed once a month

Supplement the daily vacuuming by shampooing your car’s interior every month. This will help keep surfaces free from grime, dust, and dirt.

Park in areas with enough shade

Maintaining the pristine condition of your car’s interior doesn’t just involving wiping it and vacuuming, it’s important that you keep it safe from direct sunlight. Too much exposure can lead to upholstery dryness.

Use heat shielding visors

If you want to add more protection from the sun, you can install heat shielding visors on your front and rear windshields.

Daily inspection is a must

Especially if your car has used Mercedes interior parts, daily inspection is a habit you must make. When inspecting, don’t just go over what’s easily seen — never overlook even tricky areas like that area underneath your car seat.

Leave detailing to the professional

Want to remove all dirt and keep your car’s interior completely clean? You can make good use of your extra money by turning your car over to the professional.

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