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10 of the Most Popular Architectural Styles

Architectural Styles

When a person decides to purchase a new home, it usually will require months of planning. This can also include creating a budget and hiring a realtor, but you should also decide on an architectural style for your next home. There are a plethora of different architectural styles including Victorian, Spanish, and Northwestern, which I personally prefer, but every person has a different taste. If you have a large home and are relocating to another city, you may want to hire a professional moving company, such as Allied Van Lines or a company equipped in handling long-distance moves. Here are some of the most popular styles of homes.

10 of the Most Popular Architectural Styles 

Country French-Style Homes 

Country French-style homes, which drew inspiration from the rural French countryside, have recently made a comeback. Country French-style will often feature rustic and comfortable designs. They might feature wood beams, stone floors, plaster walls, and intricate stonework.

Tudor-Style Homes

Tudor style architecture, which was derived from the 16th century Tudor dynasty loosely, resembles medieval architecture. It will commonly feature pitched roofs, decorative timbers, and tall, narrow windows, which makes it easily recognizable. This type of architecture rose to prominence during the 1600s, which replaces much of the outdated Elizabethan architecture. Today, Many Tudor-style homes will be made from using stucco or brick, which style has since been revived.

Craftsman-Style Homes

Craftsman-style homes began being produced in at the turn of the 20th century, which were built to emphasize American craftsmanship and dedication. They often would feature exposed beams and a triangular roof, which would often extend past the exterior wall and would incorporate decorative elements including brackets and rafters.

Cottage-Style Homes

If you’re looking for a home that has a woodsy picturesque appeal, you will most likely love a cottage-style home. When a person initially hears the words cottage-style home, they automatically imagine themselves sitting on a porch, sipping a warm cup of tea. The cottage-style design will often feature a steeply-pitched roof, painted molding, shutters, and arched doorways. They’ll often be made using stone or brick, which adds texture and provides a dramatic visual presence.

Mediterranean-Style Homes

Mediterranean-style homes are known for their tiled roofs and stucco finishes, which can be frequently found places with warmer climates. The Spanish inspired design will often feature large exterior windows, large archways, and low pitched roofs. The design has become very popular in southern parts of the country, which is mainly because pitched roofs, along with vaulted ceilings, create problems when it comes to maintaining heat during the winter.

Traditional Ranch-Style Homes 

The Ranch-style home is an architectural design that originated in the United States during the 1920s. It remained widely popular until the late 1970s. A traditional Ranch-style home will feature varying rooflines, sunken living rooms, and cathedral ceilings. There are many Ranch-style homes throughout the state of California, most of which will feature two or three bathrooms and approximately 1,300 square feet of living space.

Contemporary-Style Homes 

The term contemporary-style home incorporates a wide range of styles that were developed in the 20th century, which remain widely popular. They’ll often incorporate neutral elements, along with bold colors, while utilizing a borderline minimalistic design. Contemporary-style homes often will feature brown, white, or cream interior colored walls and an open floor plan. The design relies heavily on utilizing natural light, which will often feature large windows and made with recycled building materials.

American Colonial-Style Homes 

American Colonial homes are a building style that was developed in the colonial period, which reflects an architectural tradition and can be found throughout the United States. The style was first developed in the 1600s and will often feature an entry door in the middle of the home, surrounded by windows on both sides. It will also feature paired chimneys, a pitched roof, and a staircase, which is usually located directly behind the entry door.

Dutch-Colonial Style Homes 

One of the most distinguishable styles of architecture would have to be Dutch-Colonial, which has been incorporated for more than 400 years and remains widely popular today. The style will feature a double-pitched roof and narrow windows, which are integrated into the roofline. The pitched roof not only provides style but also turns the attic into a livable space.

Victorian-Style Homes 

Victorian architecture is probably one of the most widely distinguishable styles of architecture, which will make you feel as if you’re living inside of a dollhouse. The term Victorian architecture is derived from the Victorian era, which is a style that blends both Medieval Gothic and Romanesque architecture. The exterior will often feature gabled roofs, dramatic stained-glass windows, and decorative woodwork, while the interior will often feature ornate staircases, bright colors, and high ceilings.

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