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10 Foods That Are No-Go In the Library

As you sit there and wonder how to write my dissertation, your mind may wander to a refreshment to keep up your energy levels. Your studies will involve long periods of reading, writing and hours spent in the library researching and exploring. To keep your energy levels up you may just find yourself reaching for a snack in the library, but which foods could you get away with and which are an absolute no-go? In many libraries, all types of food are prohibited, but if you do find a library that allows food, here are some that you should avoid:

1.   Carrots

It is very true that carrots provide a nutritious, healthy snack, but no one wants to hear you chewing and crunching as they are trying to grasp the finer points of a complex engineering topic.

2.   Noodles

The library isn’t really the place to be tucking into a bowl of noodles. Not only do they give off quite a strong aroma, the last thing you need is for them to land on your textbook or your carefully written set of notes that you are using for your essay writing. Best leave the noodles for your study break.

3.   Crisps

Just like carrots, crisps are an easy snack on the go when you are last minute cramming for a test, assignment or project, but they are impossible to eat quickly and the crinkling of the bag will drive your fellow study group crazy.

4.   Pizza

Everyone loves pizza now and again, but when the aroma of a chicken, cheese or whatever topping you have decided to have filling the library is not going to do you any favours.

5.   Apples

It is practically impossible to eat an apple quietly. Although it is a super healthy snack, when the library is so quiet you can hear a pin drop, an apple isn’t really the best food choice.

6.   Chips

Although they may taste good, chips have no place in the library. Greasy fingerprints on your notes or stains on the text book aren’t really going to help your studies.

7.   Soup

Soup is the perfect filling snack for a cold winter’s day, but best leave it to your study break than in the library. Don’t risk spilling or dropping your soup all over your study notes!

8.   Wraps

Although they can be a tasty snack on the go, wraps belong in the café down the road. The last thing you want is them falling to pieces all over a reference book or spoiling your pages of detailed course notes.

9.   Kiwi Fruit

Trying to manage a kiwi fruit in the library without making a mess is impossible

10.   Burgers

A burger can be a filling meal, but they are best reserved for the cafeteria or fast food restaurant than the library. Although the smell may be enticing outside of university, you don’t want it to fill a library while you are trying to study. Not only this, but you wouldn’t want a greasy burger stain left on an expensive text book or reference material that you are reading!

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